Anonymous asked: In what ways has your art improved since you started college? I'm thinking about going to Montserrat (if I'm able to pay for it), so I want to know if it is the right choice for me.

I can’t even put to words how much my work has improved. My entire way of approaching a drawing has changed for the better and my way of seeing has improved tenfold. I can’t speak for every college, but I know at least mine has helped me improve tremendously. Montserrat is great and if you go there, please take advantage of Tim Harney, Shanth Enjeti, and Mark Hoffmann. They will change your life. Hahaha. 

Anonymous asked: You're such a incredible artist. Such a absolute amazing inspiration <3

Thank you so, so very much. ; _____________; ♥

Anonymous asked: I hope I'm not asking for much, but would you mind doing a simple tutorial on mouths and heads? Id really appreciate it. <3

I would honestly do this, but I’ll be honest with you: I’m horrible with doing tutorials and committing to them. Absolute garbage at it. I’m really, really sorry! But a great person to look up if you’re interested in tutorials like that is Andrew Loomis. He’s got a lot of books out on drawing, including one on heads. :)

Anonymous asked: How long have you been drawing for? And where did you get your lessons from? ;_; your art is seriously so amazing that I just want to go sob in a corner. xD

God, too many years, haha. I go to college for illustration at Montserrat College of Art!

Anonymous asked: Hi! (: do you have any ideas or tips to help people be more artistic? I've been self taught my whole life, and turning 15 soon. My parents don't have the money for classes, and I was wondering If you knew any tips to progress in drawing people. Thank you!! :') -Anon

Study and draw everything around you! It doesn’t matter how boring you think it is, it’s going to teach you something that’ll inform the way you draw everything. Plants, houses, people. You learn something from everything. (: 

Anonymous asked: i would like to purchase bc you're my favorite artist but I sadly have no money :^(

That’s fine! It’s the thought that counts! Thank you! (:

Anonymous asked: i would totes buy it

Thank you! :’)

Hey everyone! 

Just out of curiosity, if I were to make a book of my sketchbook pages would anyone be interested in actually buying something like that? All I’ve been doing is sketchbook stuff and I haven’t scanned most of it and that’s something I’ve been thinking of doing for a while now! Just curious. Hope you’re all doing well. :^) 

♥ Ash

I was actually drawing today while watching a movie. 

That’s a good sign! 

Second painting from sophomore year! I wish I could get a better picture of it