Anonymous asked: so glad I found you again, I missed your art!!! and I hope you're feeling better now <3

Thank you so much!!! :’)

Anonymous asked: you are my favorite

Thank you! :’)

Anonymous asked: it's honestly kind of inspiring that you can keep making work at your level, even though you're in such a shit place right now. I had to take a year off school for personal reasons and everyone is telling me I'll never get back into it, but it makes me feel a lot more confident knowing that someone like you has managed.

Oh gosh, thank you so much. I can’t help but feel like I’m falling behind, but I’m glad to know you don’t think I am. I’m glad! Also, I’m glad I could also take that path with you. I wish you the best of luck! (:

Anonymous asked: Hi, I just want to say I greatly anticipate your return because your work gives me life, and you seem terribly cool online-- I am extremely sorry to hear about being in adark place but you do you, and you come back whenever you can. Because you've got a group of people waiting for ya! :D

Thank you so, so much! Especially since I’ve been in a very dark place, this means the entire world to me. I hope I’ll be back more regularly soon! ♥ Thanks again for this very uplifting message!

Other than sketchbook stuff, I really haven’t done anything worth while in a while but here’s an accurate self portrait.

Grump queen 

Take care everyone ♥ 


Hey everyone, I hope you’re all doing well. ♥ 

I’ve kind of been taking an unannounced hiatus for a little while now. I’ve been in a pretty dark place as of lately and I’ve been taking time to focus on not being there. So I’m just letting you know, I’m still here! I just might not post art for a little while. However, if anyone is interested, I have a (new) personal blog for anyone who wants to chat or follow my garbage blog. The link is here. (As a fair warning, it does have NSFW material and I’m pretty terrible with tagging things.) But I do post inspirations and nice photos there, too. 

Also, I do plan on doing conventions in the near future. So after I’m all good, I’m going to be working on prints and other items to sell at cons so I hope I see some of you guys in the near future! What’re some things you guys would want to see me do prints of? I would love suggestions considering I’m somewhat out of the loop and it would be much appreciated to have some direction! Thanks guys! 

Also here’s a throwback sketch,




Anonymous asked: hiiiiiii!!! first of all i adore you style, it is amazing and it inspires me a lot. Also, that blue/red pencil you use to draw is just a color pencil like prismacolor/etc.??? or is it a special kind of pencil for sketches? thank you!!!!

Thank you so much!!!! ♥ 

They’re just eraseable prismacolor pencils! (: Really inexpensive but awesome to sketch with! 

I’m surprisingly still alive; sorry I haven’t updated in a while! Lots of changes happening in my life and I’m taking it one step at a time right now but I will start updating more regularly soon! 

Here’s some sketches of my nephew that I’ll finish and scan later. 

baraphomet asked: go to montserrat or go to skeleton hell college, the key is workin ya buns off and making use of EVERYTHING AROUND YOU and seeking it and seeking the things you can't see directly in front of you but know you are hungry for. seize the day and seize your twistables because ladies and germs we are about to get our learns on and you can be there like champzilla or be the anime that plasters the bowl of tim harney's personal duchamp installation, which im sure he has

You know he has. You know it. 

Anonymous asked: I'm sure you get this a lot, but you are my biggest inspiration and motivator to continue doing art. Thank you for that.


You’re going to make me cry, thank you so much. ♥